Our Summer Leagues are competitions specifically held in our "Off-Season" months of June, July, and August. 

We provide a Summer competition so that...

  • Existing teams can get extra games during the summer
  • Existing teams can keep their players fit and tryout new playes
  • New teams can join our league and we can evaluate if they are a good fit for SWPL



What does it cost to play in SWPL SoCal Summer?


·       $0 - no league fee!

OTHER COSTS (in addition to above)

·       Team Performance Bond - $250 (new teams only)

·       Player registration - $30 per player

·       Referee fees per game / per team - $100

·       Field fees per game - range of $75-150 (depending on location, split with other team).

How long is the season? Our Summer division competes from June - August.

How many games do we get to play? That is up to you, we can accomodate games almost every weekend as long as we can identify an opponent and confirm a field. You can play anywhere between 1 and 10 games over the summer.

Are there prizes or standings? We will keep standings, but there are no prizes or awards for summer league. These are exhibition games.


How old do I have to be to compete? A minimum of 16 years old.

How many players can be on a roster? 30 active registered players. 20 players can suit up on game-day.

What are your substitution rules for Summer? Unlimited subs allowed of your 20 game-day players.

OPEN ROSTERS - We allow players from ANY team from the 2021-22 season to play in any games for the summer league on any team. We have completely OPEN rosters for Summer league.

GAMEDAY PROCEDURES - We will follow the same game-day procedures as outlined on that page on our website.